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Austin Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Sex Educator Charla Hathaway

Most of us long to touch and be touched in a timeless, heartfelt way. We long to feel accepted and cherished for the unique, erotic, sensual beings we are. Often this natural, spontaneous connection between our selves and our sexuality is lost.

How can we reclaim the precious, soft parts of ourselves which like a compass steer us to freedom and grace?  As your sexual empowerment coach, I guide you into intimacy that is vibrant, awake and soul nourishing.

I offer private sessions where you take your loving to the next level.  You grow in erotic self-awareness, trust and expression. Both coaching and erotic bodywork sessions teach whole body sensuality, prolonging pleasure, Tantra, researching and expressing desire, sexy aging and role playing.  Sessions are safe, comfortable and consensual.

Charla Hathaway is a PhD. Sexological Bodyworker, Surrogate Partner Therapist, founder of Austin’s BodyJoy Intimacy School, and author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Pleasure for Extended Arousal (available in 7 languages). She has guided 6,000 students to greater sexual comfort and joy in her 15 years of teaching.

 7 Erotic Nightsa course in Pleasure

For singles, dating and committed partners

Couple in love

Enjoy Dr. Charla’s gentle, hands-on encounters for 7 sequential sessions that teach deep pleasure and lasting intimacy. Enjoy learning in your own home, scheduling sessions at your convenience, once a week for 7 weeks. Her online video & ebook guide each 2 hour session of sensual touching, talk and play. Join Coach Charla and other students on a personal phone call each week for more guidance and inspiration on your juicy ‘homework!’

Students say, “I love the committed, uninterrupted time to put intimacy first.” One man said, “I discovered a new continent!” A woman said, “It was like being courted all over again.”  Students say, “The sessions are well-crafted, tailored and thought out. We fell in love all over again.”

Start tonight:  Students say, “It’s the best part of my week!”