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Charla Performs at BedPost Confessions – 3/10

March 10, Thursday, 8 pm (go early for a seat), Art Authority

Charla will perform at the Bedpost Confessions, a sexy new venue put on by women for erotic storytelling that’s darn right bawdy and ballsy!

Austin’s sassy and savvy women take center stage and pour out their deepest longings, hottest fantasies and most devilish deeds…often to a standing-room-only crowd that’s thrilled with such Feminine Bravado, or is it Bravada!

Charla will unburden her heart by sharing her true story of how a shy, skinny girl from the Midwest became a Big Texas City sex worker.  Goodbye to the corn fields and innocence, and hello to a Smooth Sultry Slide to the South!

Come on down to the Bedpost at Art Authority and hear Charla’s Confessions and more.  Join the dazzled crowd that pulses to the beat of Austin’s new eclectic outlet for communal sexy storytelling, laughs and longings–oh, Walt Whitman,  I, too, sing of the Body Electric!

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