About Charla

I am a mature woman, comfortable and wise in my body…

I am sexual empowerment coach, community speaker, and offer an innovative online course in intimacy and pleasure.  I believe good relationships and lovers are made, not born.  I believe accurate, positive sex education is a basic human right and can change your life.

I received my PhD. in clinical sexology at the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality with a specialty in teaching intimacy.  I’m a Certified Surrogate Partner Therapist at the Institute for Mind Body Therapy. My books on enhancing intimate relationships, 8 Erotic Nights and Erotic Massage, have been translated into many languages.  My ‘at home’ online course in pleasure & intimacy for singles and partners, Invitation to Intimacy, uses my videos, ebook and phone coaching.  I’m a certified Sexological Bodyworker ,and through my studies at Body Electric, I am a Sacred Intimate.  I’ve studied Tantra with Margo Anand, and Sensual Massage at Esalen.

I’m a classical violinist who now plays the instrument of Body Joy.  I’ve lived abroad, love languages, practice yoga and enjoy tango.  Mom taught me to travel in a small backpack whether it’s for two days or two years, and Dad taught me to play the piano by ear and love Broadway tunes.  I’ve bellydanced for friends’ weddings and worked for Planned Parenthood delivering birth control supplies on horseback in my Colorado mountain community.

Grateful for the gifts aging brings to our bodies and relationships, I feel more pleasure, curiosity, aliveness, and sensation in my body now than in any previous time. I believe empowering students to express clear choice and consent when sharing their body is the heart and soul of intimacy.  May we all enjoy relationships that are vulnerable, open-hearted, safe and joyful.