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8 Erotic Nights, a book by Charla Hathaway

8 Erotic Nights by Charla Hathaway

10 x 8.5 in, 176 Pages, Hardcover, ISBN: 1592333109

8 Erotic Nights
Passionate Encounters that Inspire Great Sex for a Lifetime

by Charla Hathaway

Available at

Take a romp to the fun side and fine tune your senses with activities created to delightful and inspire your pleasure and connection with your  partner.  From the opening candle ceremony to the closing appreciation, you are guided by Charla’s expertly designed exercises that build consent, safety and empowerment into your erotic exchanges.  Your intimate relationship will get ‘zinged’ with freshness and new ways to talk and touch.  After each erotic night you will feel bathed in wonder and awe for each other. Follow Charla’s lead into deeper, more luscious loving.  Activities are designed for erotic adventure and guaranteed to springboard your loving from OK to OMG!

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