Erotic Massage, a book by Charla Hathaway

Erotic Massage

8 x 10 in, 128 pages, Paperback with flaps, 60 full-color photographs, ISBN: 1-59233-260-9

Erotic Massage
Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure & Extended Arousal

By Charla Hathaway

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Learn sensual touch for improved intimacy and better sex! Perfect for couples interested in the art of erotic massage, Charla Hathaway provides expert instruction on how to bring your partner to high levels of arousal and keep them in this state of sexual exaltation for an extended period.

EROTIC MASSAGE highlights erotic massage techniques for both men and women and breaks down these methods step-by-step, with suggestions for appropriate setting, lubrication, good communication, and conscious breathing. Featuring sixty sensual, how to photographs, the book also offers testimonials on how erotic massage has improved the intimacy and sex lives of many couples.

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