As an intimacy coach I thank every man, woman, and couple who has ever shown up at my door longing to journey into the heart of their loving. You are my teachers, my peers, none of you dysfunctional, and all of you whole and capable of profound loving. I bow to you who risk being authentic in your sexual exploration.  You hold up the mirror to my fears, challenges, and joys of becoming an amazing lover. In gratitude, Charla Hathaway

The class for women on how to give a man an erotic massage was life changing. I moved from feeling Shame to Sacred for every part of the body. To witness the male model enjoying anal and prostate massage and to hear him speak afterward of the benefits to his relationships convinced me to appreciate my lover in new and expanded ways. You, Charla, are the perfect teacher for this monumental shift–you do it with ease, joy, and heart.
~ Megan

“I notice how my reserve dissolved as I saw the other owmen having fun. I was so delighted when the men returned the attention. I felt to precious!
~ Barb after a Tantric Hearts Puja

I’m 56 years old and never have experienced my body like today. I feel sad in someway, but glad to know more of me and how relaxed good sensations can feel.
~ Larry

I’ve never felt anything like I felt that day.

I had no thoughts; I got into it.

I let go of my stories.

I was aware of how beautiful all women looked when I left–no matter what size, shape or color–I see differently now.

Charla’s couple’s intimacy retreat gave us permission to speak in a way that inspired a shift in our relationship. After 10 years of living apart, we are now living together.
~ Susan

I’ve never been touched there before.

I no longer can keep him out of my heart.

I tried the breathing and attention on my wife–she loved it!

You bring out the innocence that’s been gone for many years. I appreciate the soul and caring you’ve brought our marriage.

We made love and really made love with touch and play!

After our session I did what you said and had my first wet dream in ages — You rock, I’m a born again sexual being.

Can I stay after school and help the teacher?

It’s like Christmas without all the stuff!

I ‘ve tried sex therapy in the past from mental health professionals, and it was pathetic. It was like taking skiing lessons by going to an office and talking about it. Your approach is the only way. You obviously love teaching people how to have good sex and you’re good at it.

I went a place I’ve never been before.

I could feel my attention muscle getting stronger.

You reinforced intimacy that works…using the name, gazing, holding with the heads together, and the compliments and soft talk and touch. I’m going away for a week with my girlfriend and I am sure we will deepen our connection.

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