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7 Erotic Nights–a course in Pleasure

7eroticnights for singles, dating and committed partners

Couple in love

Start tonight!  Students say, “It’s the best part of my week!”

Enjoy Dr. Charla’s gentle, hands-on encounters for 7 sequential sessions that teach deep pleasure and lasting intimacy. Enjoy learning in your own home, scheduling sessions at your convenience. Online videos & ebook guide each 2-hour session of sensual touching, talk and play.  Coach Charla calls you personally each week to give you more guidance & inspiration on your juicy ‘homework!’  A home course with personal phone coaching each week!

Students say, “I love the committed, uninterrupted time to put intimacy first.” One man said, “I discovered a new continent!” A woman said, “It was like being courted all over again.”  Students say, “We fell in love all over again.”

Start 7eroticnights tonight & receive all 7 session’s videos & ebook.  Charla welcomes you with a phone call  and stays in touch each week as you go through the program.  You have 12 weeks to complete the course. Activities are sensual, not sexual in nature. Encounters build the foundation for developing a stronger sexual relationship without being sexual in the course. You develop strong erotic communication skills and build intimacy through transparency and risks.  Questions, call Charla 512 626 5037.

Charla Hathaway is a PhD. sex & intimacy coach, founder of Austin’s BodyJoy Intimacy School, and author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Pleasure for Extended Arousal. She has guided thousands of students into vibrant, erotically awake relationships. 

Erotic Massage: Surrender into Pleasure

 April 22, Sat, 9-5 pm, Austin,

for individuals & paired friends, $120/person, $220/couple 

How Many?

Mmm, that glorious moment when you are getting exactly the touch you want, how sweet! Turns out finding this ‘sweet spot’ is more about clear communication than any fancy strokes!  Who knew?

It’s easy to find a video of snazzy strokes for sexy body parts, but if that’s not what the ‘receiver’ wants, it’s not so hot. This class is about finding out what the receiver wants. Sweet. It may sound simple, but it rarely happens. And on the other side—when you are on the table, how do you know what you want, much less trust it and communicate it?  I cover that too. Yes, it’s possible…to get just what you want and nothing more–each time! And feel comfortable and free doing it!  Don’t worry, I’ll even include some fancy strokes, on a real live models, both male and female!

This workshop is right for you if you ever ‘go along’ with receiving touch that may be close, but not exactly what you want. You’ll learn new ways to connect that feel safe, sexy and successful.  Ahh, now you can relax and feel more pleasure, joy, and wow, intimacy!

This class includes nudity and sexual touch. It is intended only for those who are *already* comfortable with nudity in a group setting. Nothing is reqqiured. You may keep some of your clothes on for the entire time (including your time on the table) or not, and you may choose to be touched in whatever way you like – sexual or not. If you come with a partner you are welcome to stay together (or not) according to your preference. The workshop is excellent for everyone, single or paired, who desires more touch in their life; it’s great practice in erotic communication for friends, lovers, therapists, sex educators & bodyworkers, & surrogates.

About ‘gender balancing’: often when creating an erotic event, teachers allow only equal numbers of male and female participants. I do not – for many reasons. We are learning here, not hooking up. You can learn these skills with persons of any genital configuration and any gender. Plus, not everyone fits neatly into the categories you might think they do. Quite often, setting aside gender in order to learn and explore is profoundly liberating. Many people have told me that was the biggest ‘Aha’. So – if you want to touch only people of a particular gender, your best bet is to bring one of them with you. A note to single women – it’s easy to feel like you are responsible to be available. You are not. As the educator I make you have what you need to learn and to feel safe. C’mon along. I’m going to show you how to be touched in the way you want.

Charla Hathaway, PhD., intimacy coach, Austin, Texas, founder of the BodyJoy Intimacy School, has helped over 6,000 students in 7,000 hours over the last 15 years find intimate ways to touch, talk & play that feel safe, soulful, & sexy.  Author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal (available in 7 languages), she teaches a new online course in intimacy & pleasure w/ her videos, ebook, and personal phone coaching, 7EroticNightsCharla believes the heart of erotic pleasure is empowering students to express clear choice & consent when sharing their bodies. 


The perfect prequel to this workshop is the evening before before: Finding the Sweet Spot–Giving and getting just the Touch you Want.  It’s clothed and clarifies the real differences between receiving and giving (which is not what you think.)

Anal and Prostate Massage – 5/16

Saturday, May 16, 2-5pm, $85/person

Prerequisite: Female or Male Erotic Massage

Prostate massage can significantly alter the sensations of arousal and orgasm resulting in a softer and longer climax in a man which is similar to the female G-spot multi-orgasmic potential.  The prostate is thought to be the man’s emotional sex center. This massage also stimulates the anus and perineum, or the hidden penis, all which can be intensely pleasurable and shifts awareness away from goal orientation to an expansive, prolonged arousal process.

Finding the Sweet Spot: The Lover’s Touch

Austin, April 21, Friday, 7-10 pm, $35/person, for individuals & paired friends

How Many?

Mmm, that glorious moment when we are giving (or getting) exactly the touch that feels good on our body!  Sometimes we find that “sweet spot” spontaneously, but more often, we find it through clear communication and feedback.

How many of us say “yes” to things we don’t actually want out of guilt or a fear of losing connection? Most of us! Learn another way to give and get sensual touch that feels safe, welcomed, and comfortable.  Charla’s short, structured activities will help you find new ways to ask for what you want, give verbal feedback, and respond yes or no with ease to others. All touching in this class is non-sexual and clothes remain on.  You never have to touch or be touched by anyone except who you choose.  You may choose to observe and learn that way.  All choices are honored.

In this class, you get back into the ‘driver’s seat’ of your body and find out how to get what you want and nothing more. Students often remark, “I could feel more. I didn’t have to worry about guessing or getting it right. Everything slowed down.”  Practicing clear boundaries wakes up your skin, expands your options and empowers your confidence!

The Sweet Spot workshop is for you if:

  • You know there is something deeper in sex, but not sure how to find it
  • You love and care for each other, but can’t quite find the key to loving your love life
  • You have been experimenting with Tantra, but find it awkward and contrived
  • You’re a better giver than receiver; you feel vulnerable receiving; your pleasure comes from giving to others because it’s hard to access your own pleasure
  • You want to have more fun!

It’s a workshop for friends, lovers, teachers, mind and body therapists, erotic educators, and surrogate partners!  You walk away with tools to bring more satisfying touch into your life.

Charla Hathaway, PhD., intimacy coach, Austin, Texas, founder of the BodyJoy Intimacy School, has helped over 6,000 students in 7,000 hours over the last 15 years find intimate ways to touch, talk & play that feel safe, soulful, & sexy.  Author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal (available in 7 languages), she teaches a new online course in intimacy & pleasure with her videos, ebook, and personal phone coaching, 7EroticNightsCharla believes the heart of erotic joy is empowering students to express clear choice & consent when sharing their bodies.  



Female Erotic Massage–Demo class: TBA

Demo Class

$85 for men, women & singles. $160 for paired friends

Women, feel the excitement that comes from knowing what is erotically possible and how to make it happen for you. Men, learn the female anatomy of arousal like never before, how to stimulate the ‘clit’ between her ears, and what to say and what to do to give her the best experience.  Charla demonstrates on a lovely female model new and exciting erotic touch techniques, covers female anatomy, and how and why women surrender (or not!) Participants do not massage each other (like in Charla’s Intro to Couples Tantra Loving class), though you to practice strokeson the model.

Charla shows you how to prepare a sensual space for a woman to ”receive.”  She teaches how to heat up her feminine yin energy to a slow, rolling boil. Charla covers the fascinating and little talked about female internal network of erectile equipment!  You’ll never ‘have to guess’ when is it time to penetrate her inner sanctum again. You’ll learn 3 ways to spike her desire so she’ll desire you more!

Men, women, single or paired, learn erotic massage that relaxes, heals, rejuvenates your hearts.  Learn erotic massage with clear  permission and expectations.  Learn how safety becomes the backdrop for erotic trance states.  This is a one of a kind class taught by an expert.  Deepen your pleasure and intimacy with new confidence and touch skills.  Great lovers are not born, they are made.

To register go and click on Classes & Events. You’ll receive confirmation and location of class.  Limited enrollment to the first 13 people, this class sells out.

What others say:

I learned more in a couple hours than in ten years of marriage.  Robert, 37

I’m 54 years old and you can read all you want, you can talk to other men all you want, but hearing it from two expert women and practicing the strokes makes all the difference.  John

I learned so much about how to talk with my lover about the touch I want.  I learned that I can get what I want and feel connected to him at the same time.  Charla’s a master at making hard things to talk about seem easy.  I’m so thankful.   Ashley

Charla Hathaway is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and author of8 Erotic NightsandErotic Massage. Her massage class is featured on the Discovery Channel. Visit her at, 512-626-5037


Male Erotic Massage–Demo class: TBA

Demo Class

Central Austin

$85 for men, women & singles. $160 for paired friends

Men are naturally capable of multiple, whole body orgasms and prolonged waves of bliss…just as women are.  Learn to massage his ‘hidden cock’ and find new ways to open a man’s profound capacity for of internal and external orgasmic joy. Men and Women, come to this class if you desire to honor and touch the male body to encourage his deep surrender, emotional release and spiritual connection.

Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Charla Hathaway, and best-selling author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal (available in 7 languages), demonstrates on a live male model how to give a man a full body, sensual massage. She covers male anatomy, how to prepare a man for “receiving” deep bodywork, full body strokes, genital massage, and external and internal prostate massage.  Participants do not massage each other (like in her Intro to Couples Tantra Loving  class).  You are invited (your choice) to try the strokes on the model.

Many men have not experienced massage without feeling pressure to perform or “give back.” Often men have not learned to experience the sensual journey instead of focusing on a destination. Many have yet to discover the pleasure of perineum and prostate exploration.  A man receiving this kind of massage may enjoy extended Erotic Trance States and heightened potency, pleasure, and health–including prostate health.

Students are amazed at how comfortable they feel in the company of others learning such sensitive material.  You will drop a sense of shame, separation and isolation around the body, and begin to enjoy, within a community of fellow seekers, an authentic and sacred connection to the body erotic.


“I had no idea how many ways to pleasure a man.  I was in a rut without even knowing it.”  Annie

“Charla is a pro at the body and she talks so easily about sex.  I’m encouraged to drop my shyness.”  Cara

“I had no idea how wired by pleasure my body was and how easy it is to stay in that grove for a long time.”  Roger ,27 years

To register go to & events. You’ll receive confirmation and directions to the class. Limited enrollment to first 13 people, this class sells out.

Charla Hathaway is a Certified Sexologist and author of Erotic Massage and 8 Erotic Nights. Her massage class is featured on the Discovery Channel.

Play the 3 Min Game: TBA

  How to Get and Give the Touch you Want

with sexual empowerment coach Charla Hathaway

Workshop for couples and singles, Central Austin, $55/person/or bring a friend $50/each

Next Date:  TBA

How Many?


The 3 Minute Game provides structure for you to tune into your body, your desires, ask for what you want, and respond to other’s requests. Playing is easy–you gain confidence and new ways to get more touch in life.  You feel safe, your body relaxes, and you experience more pleasure.

Often we say ‘no’ to intimate touch because we are afraid things won’t go our way–or spin out of control–so we  stop before we start…and end up feeling lonely and touch-starved. In this workshop you learn one-way touch (with permission) that translates into choice, trust and safety.  You’ll learn if the touch is ‘for you” or “for me” and why that is important.

Players of the game often remark, “time stopped, I could feel more, I didn’t have to worry about guessing or getting it right, everything slowed down.” In this context, you may be surprised how comfortable it is to give and receive touch in a group setting. In just a few rounds of the game, your performance anxiety and fear melt away and your natural curiosity and self-expression emerge.

You will both give and get just what you want…nothing more or less. Playing the game takes your intimacy skills to the next level and opens new doors. Workshop activities are sensual, not sexual, and clothes remain on. Couples may practice with each other, and singles are welcome.

Charla Hathaway, certified sex educator, sexological bodyworker and intimacy coach, is author of 8 Erotic Nights: Passionate Encounters that Inspire Great Sex for a Lifetime, and Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal (available in nine languages). Charla, founder of Austin’s BodyJoy Intimacy School, has helped thousands find new ways to touch, talk and play that feel safe, sensual and satisfying. Sign up for her monthly newsletter.

Symphony of Touch Tantra Puja: 2/23

Feb 23, Sat 7-9 pm, for participants in A Concrete Utopia workshop w/ Kelly Bryson

Enjoy an evening of adult play with intimacy coach, Charla Hathaway, as she leads you in simple, joyful encounters that feel safe and inviting. Her guided activities are sensual, not sexual, and inspire your natural attention, curiosity, and spontaneity to play with others.  Invite your inner child to come out, open your senses, nourish your soul, and connect with others in heartfelt ways.

Pujas come from a timeless tradition where celebrants are encouraged to see past the personal and into the Divine. Sensual encounters spark your innate ability to enjoy the moment, experience your body as sacred, and be true to yourself while interacting with others.

Charla weaves a sacred place where you practice staying present with yourself while interacting with others.  You learn to stay true to whatever feelings come up. Connect with others in new ways supported by a nurturing setting.  Wear loose and comfortable clothing that express your love for life and sensuality. This ritual space will open mind and soften your heart.

Charla Hathaway, CBS, ACS, certified Tantra educator, intimacy coach, and best-selling author of 8 Erotic Nights and Erotic Massage, helps people learn new ways to touch, talk and play that feel safe and nurturing. Sign up for her free monthly BodyJoy intimacy tips, erotic news and classes at

Strokes for Blokes: 3/3

March 3, Sunday 6-8 pm, Forbidden Fruit

Clearly a class where women learn to take charge and heighten the pleasure of their partner by learning new strokes like the juicer, around the cock-clock, girl scout honor, and massaging his ‘hidden cock!’  Old habits fall away and new, innovative cock stokes are guaranteed to  add pure pizazz to your loving. Step into the power of being a giver whose dynamic cock strokes will bring him to his knees and more–like deeper into your heart. To register go to Forbidden Fruit

Shades of Love: 4/7

April 7, Sunday 6-8 pm, Forbidden Fruit

Negotiating Power Exchanges with erotic educator Charla Hathaway from

Fine tune your capacity to add new excitement, depth, and creativity to your sensual encounters. Discover how to introduce new sensation play and pleasure in a relaxed, safe, yet exciting setting. Relish a fuller expression of your sexuality as you experience your innate ability to flow between power and surrender realms. Learn to give your lover deep erotic trance states and heightened awareness. Learn how role playing and negotiating power exchanges can dynamically charge your loving forever! To register go to Forbidden Fruit