Public Speaking

Dr. Charla speaks with ease and maturity about sex and intimacy.  A woman said, “I’m amazed how Charla talks so naturally and relaxed about difficult subjects; her stories entertain and inspire.”  Contact her to speak to you and your friends.  Speaking events are usually 1 hour.

for Parents: Teaching Children Choice and Consent Skills. Charla shares a short, safe, non-sexual game that parents can play with their children, ages 6-12, to teach them they are the boss of their body and only they get to choose if, where and how they are touched.

for Adolescent groups:  Being Me when Relating to You.  Charla provides tools that teach young people how to be safe and get into the driver’s seat of their own Body. She teaches personal responsibility, “Each of us gets to choose how and if we are touched—in every moment.” This is a real Take Back Your Body experience.

for Women’s gatherings:  Yes, It’s Possible.  Charla encourages women to take the egg timer off their orgasm, and even oust the Tyranny of the Big ‘O” altogether!  She gives pointers on how to get your man to show up, slow up, and share up.

for Bachelorette Parties:  Is that a Banana in your Pocket? Charla, like a favorite Auntie, tells personal stories about sex and love, including her 85 year old Mom’s vibrator story. Her stories empower and challenge young women to show up for their unique (understated) brand of intimacy. She even brings bananas for some yummy oral practice and laughter.

for Counselors & Therapists:  Surrogate Partners—Are they right for my clients?  What do surrogates do? Why do we need them? How do I find one?  Charla, a Certified Surrogate Partner Therapist, explains the new triadic model of how talk and body professionals are starting to work together in a team approach to facilitate client whole body healing.

for Senior groups:  Sex and Aging—Hey, we’re all doing it!  Let’s get the best milage.  Charla shares how her 50’s out performed everything before that, 60’s even better, and now she’s ready for her 70’s. The skin is our only sense (of the 5 senses) that continues to grow in sensitively and acuteness as we age. Let’s use it.

for Co-ed groups (3 hours, 10 or more people):  The Fish Bowl is an experience where you are it.  Each gender takes a turn to talk among themselves about intimacy, then ‘eavesdrop’ on the other gender as they do the same. Facilitated (by Charla) in an inner/outer circle, the Fish Bowl is a rare opportunity to witness transparent same-sex conversation. Done in the spirit of respect and authenticity, it makes for lively, meaty, meaningful & surprising exchange.

Speaker/Facilitator: Charla Hathaway, PhD, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Surrogate Partner Therapists, and founder of Austin’s BodyJoy Intimacy School, 2003, has helped over 6,000 students in 7,000 hours find new ways to touch, talk & play that feel safe, soulful & sexy.  Author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal (available in 7 languages), she teaches a new online course, Invitation to Intimacy, using her videos, ebook, and phone coaching. Charla believes that empowering a student to express clear choice & consent when sharing their body is the cornerstone of intimacy and pleasure, and each person’s responsibility.