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Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Most of us are in the dark about how to cultivate a meaningful sexuality. We learn to distrust our body, allow others to define who we are, and loose touch with our powerful erotic potential. We’ve never been taught how to expand our body”s natural intelligence for joy. In a culture where commercial sex is everywhere, meaningful sex information is nowhere.  We have not learned how to mature authentically into richly erotic and spiritual beings.

As a Sacred Intimate, I meet you with respect and compassion where you are on your sexual/spiritual journey and take you where you want to go. Using the tools of conscious language, sacred intention, personal empowerment, erotic massage and play, I help you reclaim the precious, soft parts of yourself which like a compass steer you to freedom and grace.

Transforming past your challenges into new opportunity for expanded pleasure in the body is my work as an intimacy coach.  Sessions range from clothes-on coaching to full body erotic massage. Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs, and depending on the issues at hand, we may meet once or have a series of sessions.  As your sex and intimacy coach, I teach you how to in-joy your body and share it with others in fulfilling and heartfelt ways.

  • If you are a couple seeking deeper truth and intimacy in your relationship see Coaching for Couples.
  • If you are a women seeking expression , safety and sensual empowerment see Coaching for Women.
  • If you are a man seeking self-knowledge, and renewed connection to your body and pleasure see Coaching for Men.
  • If you are seeking the powerful healing of learning in an erotic-spiritual community see Classes & Events