Intimacy Coaching

As your coach, you will begin to notice what you want—it is different that what you are ‘willing to give or allow.’  In noticing what you want…you will learn to value it, trust it, and communicate it.  Your desires are your highest intelligence; they will steer you into a life of wonder.  Choosing what you want on your body and in your relationship is a Spiritual Act.  It is more important that any fancy things we do to each other.

In sessions with me, the act of ‘choosing’ is more important than the act of ‘doing’ on the body.  You grow in ability and confidence to decide how to share your body in all moments, how to communicate your desires and respond to others. Such personal empowerment charges intimacy with truth, self-respect, more closeness and pleasure!

Coaching sessions are at my studio in central Austin, or by phone, Skype or Zoom. Email for appt.

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Invite friends over to your house for Charla’s The Sweet Spot Class: Choice & Consent & Touch