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for Couples

Imagine coming together with a lover when time stands still and you are awed by the beauty of the moment? In couples coaching your relationship becomes the conduit for life’s deepest knowing, gratitude, and joy.

In magical space, I lead you in elegantly simple activities where you see, hear, and touch your partner in new ways. You come together fully aware, present and spontaneous. You learn to stay present no matter what feelings come up.

Together you move past the barriers that keep you apart and in judgment of one another. You practice ancient Tantric secrets that open your senses, nourish your soul, and connect your hearts. You learn new ways of being playful and prolonging the special rapport between lovers.

As your couple’s coach, I honor the Sacred Vessel of your partnership and act as a catalyst to reignite the passion, clarity, and pleasure of your relationship. You practice staying authentic to yourself while savoring a loving connection to your partner. I guide you step by step and breath by breath into sacred and conscious loving.