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Why would a woman want to come to another woman for sex and intimacy coaching? Being with another woman can be a fun, light, and safe place to speak your truth, express your desires, and gain confidence.  As women, we have the same bodies, the same longings, and the same need to be seen, heard and touched as we desire.  Women, no more mercy sex, payback sex, manipulative or ‘oh-it’s-been-10-days-so-I-gotta’ sex.  As women we must do only what feels fabulous to us!


Growing into full sexual bloom takes time—and determination. With maturity, women can stop hiding, tolerating, enduring, and doing sex for someone else.  We can start engaging and expressing our own feminine desires and pleasure–much to our own delight, and our partners! We can choose to accept our bodies–just as they are–and empower our sexuality with personal truth and responsibility.


Finally and with compassion, we can show our men just how we like to be loved.  Taking the guess work out of it, men will feel relieved and enjoy the privilege of serving–and consorting with us! When did we stop playing at sex, when can we start again!?


No where in our religion or culture do we have a partnership model, an expressed equality between men and women, a cosmology that expresses sex as being natural and wholesome.  To reclaim a new paradigm of sacred, integrated sexuality we must bring balance and pleasure back to our intimate relationships. We can heal anger and blame that separates us; we can choose forgiveness and appreciation.  In my sessions you become aware of your choices, heal past wounds and step into new levels of profound connection and pleasure.


Come and see me if you would like:
  • To tell your sexual truth…with ease…while feeling connected to your partner.
  • To get accurate anatomy and arousal information on how you are Wired for Ecstasy!
  • To enjoy the best sex of your life as you grow older, and if that’s not happening, you’re missing out.
  • To create safety in your sexuality so you may let go and surrender like never before.
  • To invite your spunky, joyous Goddess out to play and so a man will truly know how to serve you.


Yes, yes, yes, all those things are possible–really.  You just need a guide to show you step by step.  As your sex and intimacy coach, I teach you to notice, trust, and express what is happening in your body, because your body (unlike your mind) never lies.  You practice staying authentic to yourself while relating to another.


Women, learn how to create safety and permission-based touch into your relationships.  Practice an authentic ‘yes and no.’  Through my coaching you cultivate erotic self-trust, self-expression, and self-care.  You become empowered by your sexuality, you stop apologizing and hiding it, and you begin celebrating and sharing your natural eroticism. Women, come learn these things with me for a lifetime of treasured and timeless intimacy.