Coaching for Women

Women, being with another woman can be a fun, light, and safe place to speak your truth, express your desires, and gain confidence.  As women, we have the same bodies, the same longings, and we want to be seen, heard and touched as unique, sexual beings.

We all grew up thinking that sex was about the other person, and learned to tolerate and go along with touch we didn’t want.  We often feel powerless to express, or even know our own desires.  As your coach I help you get back into the driver’s seat of your own eroticism. With me you learn and practice the concrete steps of sexual empowerment.  It’s not magical, and it’s easy and fun to learn.

Mature women value and practice the skills of choice and consent while engaging in intimate encounters. These skills open new ways to talk, touch and play which feel safe, juicy and connected.  Women, we get to decide what happens on our bodies!  We can learn to clearly express desires and respond authentically to others.  My mantra is, “No more mercy sex, payback sex, manipulative or ‘oh-it’s-been-10-days-so-I-gotta’ sex.”  Done with that.  Now we do only what feels fabulous to us!  Come see me, I’ll show you how!

I can help you:

  • Create safety around sex, without safety there is no sexy
  • Ask for what you want instead of hope for what you want
  • Find your turn on, your flirt and begin to meander and play again
  • Tell your sexual truth…with ease…without loosing connection to your partner
  • Fine tune touch on your body so you’re getting just want you want, not almost what you want

Sessions with me are more than technique, they fortify your core sense of self-worth and wellbeing.  With me you cultivate your sexual self-care, self-expression and trust.  You stop apologizing for your brand of sexuality and start expressing it. Men are great assistants and full of amazing surprises, but you as a woman are in charge or your pleasure and how you show up for it. This is the plate we step up to together.

Testimonials from Women after sessions with Charla:

  • “You make the subject seem comfortable and straightforward. You give a special kind of message to those who are clueless and need guidance to change their life.”
  • “At first I thought I had to do something, then realized ’no,’ it was just for my pleasure and there was nothing to do.  I absorbed and that’s all.”
  • “I got past fear and went into feeling.  I stopped thinking I should be feeling something I’m not.”
  • “The breath made the narrative leave my body, and in the empty space I started to feel more.  I never felt safe and vulnerable at the same time.  Afterwards I just wanted to hang out there a long time.”
  • “Now I can ask for it instead of hope for it.  I want to embrace your braveness, you are teaching me how to love my body.”