Preparing for a Session

You have everything you need to experience a sensual, heart-warming and joyous session at BodyJoy with me. Bring your body, your intentions for your erotic enfoldment, an open mind, and a soft heart. I will guide you moment by moment, breath by breath, into your deepest Being.

My cancellation policy is 24 hours; please make an appointment only when you are sure of your schedule.

You may wish to prepare for our meeting by eating lightly, drinking lots of water, and getting some exercise. Please do not drink coffee or smoke before our session. Close breath work is often involved and if you wish to know how I prepare my dental hygiene for a session please be advised.

Deep embodiment is often accompanied with a suspension of belief and disbelief; moments while embodied are timeless and treasured. We notice rather than think, experience rather than judge, surrender rather than control. You’re invited to lose your mind and come to your senses. Be kind to yourself and schedule time before and after your session just to be with yourself.