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Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy Coaching is for the bold who are ready to explore new territories, work deeply on themselves and their relationships and expand their capacity for pleasure. Hiring an Intimacy Coach is similar to hiring a personal trainer or fitness coach. Having a coach makes it possible to reach your personal goal,  get radical support, and be held accountable in all the right and supportive ways.

As your skillful coach, we can work in powerful ways so that you can experience the Intimacy and connection to your body that you crave…

The experiential learning opportunities available through Sexological Bodywork/Somatic Sex Education and Coaching can help you engage in a respectful dialogue with the autonomic nervous system, so that physical and emotional processes that usually happen to us can be held in mindful awareness, and transformed.

Sexological Bodywork is a wonderful way to address a variety of sexual difficulties, ranging from premature ejaculation to not being able to orgasm readily or the inability to truly “feel” and enjoy pleasure. Couples can learn to navigate sexual differences and explore new erotic possibilities with body-based learning and guided practice.
We all set limits on the quantity and quality of pleasure we can embody. Limits to pleasure are ubiquitous in a culture that shames sexuality and fails to teach us how to honor and celebrate erotic energy.

The BodyJoy Approach

We offer experiences and experiments to awaken and nurture the sensual self, using breath, movement, sound and one-way touch as tools for greater embodiment.

Body-Based Learning

Reshape your sexual experience through direct, body-based practices that incorporate breath, movement, focused awareness and conscious touch.

LGBTQ+ and Kink Positive

Sexuality can be a fluid and multifaceted experience. I celebrate diversity in sexual expression, and can hold space and provide support and supportive resources for navigating new territories.

Holistically Informed

Drawing on my knowledge of neuroplasticity, energy medicine, as well as teachings from the ancient and modern Taoist and Tantric traditions my practice aims to integrate all aspects of the mind, body, heart and spirit.

Trauma Sensitive

An astonishingly high percentage of the population has experienced some form of sexual or other forms of abuse in their lives. These experiences leave us bracing for impact, wounded, shut down, and disconnected from our bodies. My aim is to create a safe space in which you can learn to inhabit your body again, and restore your confidence and capacity for sexual fulfillment and wholeness.

Pleasure Focused

While risk prevention is an important part of sex Re-education, we are rarely taught as young adults to cultivate pleasure and ask for what we need and want. My integrative approach creates a framework in which we can explore and expand our pleasure capacity while learning effective communication skills that allow us to truly fell what it is like to get what it is we want, rewiring us for new neural pathways to pleasure.

Coaching sessions occur in one of the BodyJoy studios in central Austin, Northern California or virtually by phone or Zoom.

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