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We both found the material rich with ideas to incorporate into regular practice. We’ve also found it second nature to slide into the ritual of each lesson. We are really enjoying where the course is leading us!
D. & G. Invitation to Intimacy Couple
Austin, TX
Thank you for the wonderful and exciting session today. What a wonderful learning experience over the last few months has been for the growth in my body!
Mrs. Richardson, Coaching & Bodywork Client
Dallas, TX
The breath you lead me through made the narrative leave my body, and in the empty space, I started to feel more. I never felt safe and vulnerable at the same time. Afterward I just wanted to hang out there a long time.
Female Coaching Client
Austin, TX
You make the subject seem comfortable and straightforward. You give a special kind of message to those who are clueless and need guidance to change their life.
Female Coaching Client
Boise, ID
We’ve tried sex therapy in the past from mental health professionals, and it wasn’t helpful. It was like taking skiing lessons by going to an office and talking about it. Your approach is the only way. You obviously love teaching people intimacy skills and you’re good at it.
Invitation to Intimacy Course Couple
Austin, TX
I think what is important is that I followed what we had worked on privately in session and that seemed to work perfectly! I hope we can continue to have more breakthroughs like this. I am forever grateful- My sex life is renewed!
Doug, Coaching & Bodywork Client
Northern California
Melissa is a delight to work with! She helped me move through shame I had been holding in my body and help me create more closeness in our relationship!
J. Pollin, Female Bodywork Client
Northern California
Instead of moving away from my husband's touch that I wasn't fully enjoying, I am now melting into his touch! Your Erotic massage class was a game-changer for us
Female Massage Class Client
Vancouver, BC
Melissa, I am not sure if you comprehend how instrumental you are in my journey. This journey day by day has been taken inch by inch. I feel like I progressed a mile today. I can’t express how grateful I am.
B.T., Male Coaching & Bodywork Client
Wow! What I learned from you was invaluable... Instead of being in my mind, I am more comfortable in my body. I can now enjoy sex more! Thanks!
Marrion, Workshop Attendee
Austin, TX
I can't tell you how grateful I am for your guidance! I am able to be fully present and relax into the pleasure in my body! My partner is very pleased with how much more present I am!
Male Evolutionary Masturbation Client
Northern California
I learned a new quality of touch. My wife and I now have more tools and a whole other way to be intimate together that we had no idea even existed! With your skilled and warm teaching style, we have reached new heights even after 14 yrs of marriage. Incredible!
Bob, Coaching Client
Houston, TX

Coaching sessions occur in one of the BodyJoy studios in central Austin, Northern California or virtually by phone or Zoom.

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