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Intimacy Coaching

Men are often concerned or even pressured into giving someone else pleasure or “doing her”, taking charge and doing it right!  You can become so preoccupied about performing that you miss your own pleasure and desires.  Sex can seem like a set of obstacles (for you both!)   By trying to please her and make her cum, you lose touch with feeling your own body’s sensations.

Further, as a man you may notice conditionings from a young age not to have connection to or trust your “feeling body” or show your emotions, which can make it hard to connect with women who do.  Often to keep from coming too early, you would disassociate from your body or “check out”. You learned to masturbate quickly and silently which does not prepare you for a sustained dance of hot lovemaking and ravishing with a partner.

The BodyJoy Approach

Private Coaching Sessions

Guided by your intentions, we practice your next steps in finding more pleasure and connection in intimacy by reclaiming the natural joy of noticing, experiencing and being your body. Rather than over thinking, judging and controlling, You learn how to orchestrate erotic encounters founded in choice and consent that feel safe, spontaneous and engaging with a partner.

Coaching sessions are clothes on with sensual not sexual touching. 

Private Bodywork Sessions

Guided by your intentions, you learn new ways to relate to your body that enhance pleasure both for yourself and a partner.  In bodywork sessions you practice techniques for being truly present, breathing, and sensate focus that translate into increased sensation and prolong pleasure for you. 

Bodywork sessions may include nudity (you, not me) and whole-body touch (me to you) for the purpose of erotic self-awareness, transformation, healing, and personal growth. 

Sex & Intimacy Coaching for Men May Include: 

Both coaching and bodywork sessions are more than technique. It’s much deeper. It’s what makes all your technique work and feel good in your body. As your teacher I guide your journey, moment by moment, breath by breath, deep into the heart of your authentic sexuality. You enhance erotic self-trust, self-expression, and self-awarness. An investment in lifelong pleasure and intimacy starts here, whether in person or by private video call.

What People are Saying

Coaching sessions occur in one of the BodyJoy studios in central Austin, Northern California or virtually by phone or Zoom.

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