Sessions for Couples

Intimacy Coaching

The quality of intimacy is an important aspect of any sexual relationships. If it is satisfying, it illuminates and brings deep fulfillment to other aspects of your life.  If you are ready for guidance and support in experiencing more deep intimacy and fulfillment as a couple, often what creates the biggest impact is an experienced and professional teacher to guide you step by step on exactly how.  

Often our true nature is buried beneath old programs, patterns, stigma, cultural norms, shame and the expectations of others. Sometimes all we need is some encouragement to unleash these parts of ourselves and get back into our bodies.

With my expertise, I can bring new joy and possibilities into your body, mind and soul; that will endoubtedly enriching your sex life as a couple. It is never too late to make your pleasure a nourishing priority, taking it to new heights and explore what the greater possibilities there are.

The BodyJoy Approach

Private Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are tailored to individual needs, goals and intentions not only for each of you individually, but you are a couple. 

A series of Three – 1.5 hour sessions are recommended for new students. Virtual sessions are available over zoom video chat.

Private Bodywork Sessions

In person sessions are done with clothes on and based on what would be most beneficial to you, may include a combination of Melissa’s professional skill sets such as intimacy coaching, hypnosis, breath work and mindful meditation. By request, sessions may also include nurturing and non-sexual touch for learning, somatic inquiry and professional guidance.

Sex & Intimacy Coaching for Couples May Include: 

Both coaching and bodywork sessions are more than technique. It’s much deeper. It’s what makes all your technique work and feel good in your body. As your teacher I guide your journey, moment by moment, breath by breath, deep into the heart of your authentic sexuality. You enhance erotic self-trust, self-expression, and self-awarness. An investment in lifelong pleasure and intimacy starts here, whether in person or by private video call.

Also, be sure to check out our GROUP CLASSES.

What People are Saying

Coaching sessions occur in one of the BodyJoy studios in central Austin, Northern California or virtually by phone or Zoom.

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