The Practice

Did you know that your comfortable go-tos might be keeping you from experiencing what might be possible in pleasure and sex? 

My approach to having better sex and overcoming difficulties isn’t about simply running out and buying new gimmicky sex toys (even tho – that is fun!), or watching some edgy porn to spice things up (although that can be exhilarating too), or taking a magic blue pill to get something dependably hard. Instead, my approach is about turning your attention and focus in on your own body and the real life sensations that will train your body. Sound scary or awkward? Well, The Practice I am about to teach you is an edgy, deeply personal journey that will guide you, enliven you and open possibilities up for you! Instead of sex and self pleasure being so goal oriented (even tho there is nothing wrong with a quickie or letting go some steam) The Practice™ teaches you and quite literally trains you how to enroll your entire body beyond the genitals and quick rush of pleasure and ushers you into being able to tap into to broader sensations and more extended arousal. With my method, you will learn how to utilize your breath, your ‘sounding’, and let your natural movements and body awareness carry you into pleasure – beyond your normal go-tos aka habits. 

Your body is designed for it, wouldn’t you like to experience what is possible? 

Doing The Practice™ overtime means utilizing your self pleasure or masturbation time more wisely by owning the f*ck out of what feels good to you and building out from there. Instead of mindlessly doing what you have always done whether it is certain strokes, body positions or or lack of overall satisfaction, you’ll instead be learning how to become more connected to your body and the pleasure that is possible to you. Are you open to experimenting and having fun? With my guidance you’ll be able to pinpoint some of your own blocks and get ideas on how to get yourself unstuck while exploring new ground! 

The Practice with Melissa D™ consists of:

  • Printable workbook
  • Audio lessons with Melissa D
  • Explicit training audios & Self touch, self stroke Meditations you can listen to privately on your mobile device. 

Pop those ear buds in and let me (Melissa D.) guide you.

The course is for men and women, those in partnerships or those that are single. This self stroke, self study course will support you in creating new pleasure patterns and moving beyond what you have always done. 

Want to feel something more?

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