Sensual Massage for Men and Women


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Sensual Massage is a definitive tool for any Master Lover and most don’t use it- at least not how we teach it! 

We all crave erotic experiences where we do not have to take care of the giver, but choose to connect deeply with pleasure and be nourished. You too can learn this- Let me show you!

Warning: This class is dangerous to your Status Quo. Old patterns of ‘guessing and hoping’ are replaced with ‘communication and skill.’


In the Female Sensual Massage Course: How do you ‘word’ the invitation so she knows the experience is about her and not you and your own desire? or that penetration is not expected or necessary in order to connect intimately? What does she need to hear before she can let go, relax and actually feel her own body, her own pleasure and arousal? To receive fully, most of us need to feel safe by clearly articulated intentions, skillful whole body touch, and slowing down.


In the Male Sensual Massage Course: You learn how to elevate and prolong his pleasure, whole body and how to invite his deeper connection to his body. 

You’ll learn to lose the need to perform or “give back” while receiving pleasure. You’ll lose the need to ‘get someplace’ instead of enjoying the journey of relaxed arousal. Lovers, learn to honor and awaken a man to higher levels of pleasure and connection with you. Learn the techniques of ‘relaxed arousal’ that bring a man to a sustained, deeper surrender. 


Men and Women, these courses will elevate the ways that you connect and are intimate together! Students say they learned more in this explicit, easy to follow class than in decades of marriage or partnership. “This class is a life changer.” 


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