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Intimacy Coaching

Women, being with another woman can be a fun, light, and safe place to speak your truth, express your desires, and gain confidence in your body’s wisdom.  As women, we have the same bodies, the same longings, and we want to be seen, heard and touched as unique, sexual beings.

We all grew up thinking that sex was about the other person, and learned to tolerate and go along with touch we didn’t want or that wasn’t quite it. We often feel powerless to express, or even intimately know our own desires, especially in established relationships.  As your coach I help you get back into the driver’s seat of your own eroticism. With me you learn and practice the concrete steps of sexual empowerment and what that looks like for you. It’s not shrouded in mystery, – it’s easy and fun to learn.

Embodied women; women who have learned from experience; value and practice the skills of choice and consent while engaging in intimate encounters. These skills open new ways to talk, touch and play which feel safe, juicy and connected.  Women, we get to decide what happens on our bodies- not the other person!  We can learn to clearly express desires and respond authentically to others.  Come see me, I’ll show you how!

The BodyJoy Approach

Women, I can help you: 

Both coaching and bodywork sessions are more than technique. It’s much deeper. It’s what makes all your technique work and feel good in your body. As your teacher I guide your journey, moment by moment, breath by breath, deep into the heart of your authentic sexuality. You enhance erotic self-trust, self-expression, and self-awarness. An investment in lifelong pleasure and intimacy starts here, whether in person or by private video call.

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Coaching sessions occur in one of the BodyJoy studios in central Austin, Northern California or virtually by phone or Zoom.

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