Colure: A Reclamation of the Erotic

You are invited to ‘bare’ witness…

to peer into this erotic live exhibition as an honoring guest.

Let your eyes savor a series of curated erotic vignettes.

You have permission…

to look into the explicit world of our generous performers

and to feel what may arise inside of you by viewing their personal expression of eros.

Imagine viewing vignettes and scenes of authentic sexual connections and expression—spontaneous performances of the erotic

You will then have the opportunity to reflect on what it is like to witness these courageous performers as they reveal their honest erotic selves.

This is our chance to humanize raw sexuality and reclaim the erotic.

Your evening will include:

  • Signature cocktail (or mocktail) prelude upon arrival
  • Horderves to arouse your palate
  • Dr. Hazel-Grace will guide you into reflections with self and others between viewing each edgy and titillating scene
  • Support Angels if an emotional care need arises

Why you might want to attend Colure:

  • Expand your sexual palette through inspiration and ideas
  • Learn more about your own erotic self
  • Discover some of your turn on’s and off’s
  • Heal body image by witnessing real bodies
  • Feel joy from witnessing others in their pleasure bodies
  • Recognize the erotic as healthy and natural expressions of being human
  • Clear sexual shame
  • Permissioning your voyeuristic side
  • Celebrate sexual diversity

Important things to note

***** Part of this experience will be interactive, which will include sharing your experience with other guests.

***** All guests will remain clothed and will not be engaging in any sexual activity with themselves and/or with others

***** Doors open at 6:00pm. Doors lock at 7:00pm. No one will be let in after that and refunds will not be given if you arrive after 7:00pm.

* Must be 21 years or older to attend

What to Wear:

To honor this luxurious evening, we ask everyone to dress in their finest attire.

Questions: Melissa@melissa

December 9 th 2022

Tickets here:

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