Naked At My Age-

“The most incredible, shame-busting, heart-soul
opening performance ever.”
-Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D, erotic educator

Founder of BodyJoy is coming back to Austin TX for her one woman show! Not to be missed Charla Hathaway will surprise you. Becoming a sex worker at 55 was not in the cards!  Fraught with difficult choices, her willingness to explore the World’s Oldest Profession leads to risk, lust and ultimately, healing. She will seduce you with vulnerable stories from her 20-year pioneering career as an Erotic Muse. Back from her 2023 Australia/ New Zealand tour, awarded ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ in Adelaide, the Passionate Fairy Godmother returns to Austin after sell out performances last summer. Charla brings a feather boa and Invisible Rope—within the hour, she’ll tie you up and Mae-West-you-over!  

Two opportunities in Austin to see this show!

-Kick Butt Coffee  Sept 13  8pm   Tickets here

-Forbidden Fruit  Sept 14   7:30 pm  Tickets here

“Watching Charla perform is like witnessing an expert markswoman at a skeet shoot—flushing out, taking aim, and shooting down ‘clay pigeons’ of our sexual shame–POOF!  Gone into thin air!”  –Dinah Urell, Astoria’s Kala Cabaret Theater

“I’ve been a sex-positive activist for over ten years. I’ve read the books, joined the clubs, done my own shows; Naked is the end of the rainbow for me. Well done, Sister. You are an inspiration to all.”   -Audience member, Portland Fertile Ground Festival

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