10 Sex Mistakes Men and Women Make

Good sex is changing bad habits that don’t get us what we want.  Most men and women do these 10 things that kill good loving, or cancel out good touching and kissing. Avoid these pitfalls and turn your sex life into timeless and treasured moments!  Charla Hathaway

10 Sex Mistakes Men Make

1) You kiss her too soon

2) You kiss her too hard

3) You kiss her too wet (mouth mauling)

4) You go for the nipples, not the breasts

5) You go for the ‘goods’ not the whole body

6) You try ‘to do’ too much instead of ‘be’ with her

7) You have an agenda

8) You don’t ask for directions or permission

9) You forget to be vulnerable

10) You talk about yourself and forget to ask questions about her


10 Sex Mistakes Women Make

1) You expect him to read your mind

2) You resent him when he can’t

3) You don’t tell him what you want

4) You don’t trust your own desires, timing and rhythm

5) You say yes when you mean no

6) You say no when you mean yes

7) You avoid sex because you’re afraid it won’t go your way

8) You are afraid to lead, initiate and pursue

9) You’re at war with your inner slut

10) You think sex is about him, not you

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