Love and Intimacy Workshop

June 3-5, Friday 7-10 pm,  Sat & Sun 9-6 pm,  Austin

Download the flyer for the Love and Intimacy Couples Retreat.

$360/person by April 1, $400 after

Are you ready to experience a miracle in your relationship? Join with others who are taking love, intimacy and sensuality to the next level. If you desire to move past the barriers that keep you apart, fearful and in judgment…you are ready!

● Examine your beliefs about love, sex and intimacy and discover your limitations
● Explore being your authentic self and discover just how attractive and sexy your truth is!
● Engage with others while staying connected to yourself.
● Enjoy playful and powerful exercises in which you express your joy, depth and vulnerability.
● Experience what comes up in each moment with calm and curiosity.

Charla and Nicole talk about relationships. .

For more information please call 512) 796-7269.

Love, Sex & Spirit, June 2010 weekend retreat with Charla Hathaway and Nicole Verwey.

What will I learn? You will deepen your love for yourself and others. You will take home new skills to cultivate more honesty, joy, and intimacy (in-to-me-see) with your self and others.

Who will be there? Meet others who, like you, choose to explore life and sensuality in safe, conscious, and spontaneous ways.

Why Now? You are it! You are the creator of your own life experiences.  Life is happening NOW. Why not have the life you absolutely love and adore?

Love and Intimacy Retreaters from last June’s retreat said:

  • “It was the best weekend of my life; I feel a natural innocence and playfulness return to my sensuality.”
  • “I let down my barriers and let other people into a place that took 15 years of marriage for my wife to enter.”
  • “I fell in love with my partner in new ways.”
  • “My body’s changed. Since the workshop my acupuncturists said my heart rate went from 80 to 65. I’m a new person.”
  • “After the retreat when I had knee surgery and I fell in love with everyone in rehab.”
  • “It was amazing to experience trust, support and love build up so quickly in this environment.”

Meet your Facilitators:

Nicole Verwey, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Professional Life Coach and Relationship Expert, teaches people through play and coaching
“How to Win the Love Game” and “Mindful Eating”.  (512) 670-3955

Charla Hathaway, CSB, ACS, intimacy coach and author has helped thousands enjoy juicier relationships by showing them new ways to touch, talk and play. She’s the best-selling author of Erotic Massage, and 8 Erotic Nights: Great Sex for a Lifetime. Charla will be featured in a Discovery Channel documentary.  (512) 626-5037,

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