My big O Birthday

On the eve of celebrating a birthday, one easily becomes introspective and even a little somber.  Birthdays, especially the decade ones, are milestones to measure how we are moving away or towards our life’s purpose.

I’ve noticed how my work in Sacred embodiment has changed my body in a short five years.  I feel heightened sensations, more vibrations, flutters up and down my legs, streaming and openness in my body when being touched or touching a partner.  I feel a melty glow in my core and zinging on the bottoms of my feet.

I appreciate that the sense of touch only becomes more acute and transparent as we age.  We learn to tame the mind and open the senses.  Men slow up and want more intimacy; women stop apologizing for their natural eroticism.  The common ground between the sexes grows.  Maturity brings consciousness, appreciation, and truth to our loving.

Parents would do well to tell their teenagers,”Yes, sex is cool when your young–but you’ll get your best loving as you mature so you don’t have to be in a hurry.”  Sexual peak is not about hormones, it’s about a profound, ecstatic giving and receiving of your authentic self–and that grows with age.

So on the eve of my birthday I have much to celebrate–a body natually wired for ecstasy and my sincere commitment to experience it more profoundly with each passing day.

2 thoughts on “My big O Birthday”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLA I realize I am late in saying it but as it is said better late then never right?

    And you are right a persons true sexual awareness comes with age, not just growing older but with living and learning what and how to do the things that please yourself and your partner.

    So once again happy birthday

  2. Tjeerd Berkenbosch

    After having read all about you in the internet, dear Charla, I call you a gift from God, even a prophet, a goddess, a I shall tell you about my human contacts. Charla, you are great, a blessing. I started a new life. I want from today – as you write as a dedication in ‘Erotic Massage'”to handle JOY as a norm and PLEASURE as a way towards a miraculous new world. A thousand thanks for your book, a real revelation!!!


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