Risk, Lust & Healing in the oldest profession w/ Dr. Charla: After Office Hours

Dr. Charla Hathaway talking about Risk, Lust & Healing in the oldest profession. Great advice and insight from 2 rebel women… Melissa D. & Dr. Charla Hathaway. Charla Hathaway was the founder of Body Joy intimacy in Austin Texas in 2005 and currently resides in Portland, OR.

Charla is a sexual empowerment coach, community speaker, and offer an innovative online course in intimacy and pleasure. She believes good relationships and lovers are made, not born. She believes accurate, positive sex education is a basic human right and can change your life. She received her PhD. in clinical sexology at the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality with a specialty in teaching intimacy. She is also a Certified Surrogate Partner Therapist at the Institute for Mind Body Therapy. Her books on enhancing intimate relationships, 8 Erotic Nights and Erotic Massage, have been translated into many languages. She has studied Tantra with Margo Anand, and Sensual Massage at Esalen. https://charlahathaway.com/

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