Tantra Massage: Slowing Down to the Speed of Love

At the end of a couples intimacy or partner massage class I’m always amazed at how my body feels.  I’m touched by what my students say in the closing circle, “I’m happy to be alive, I’m aware of being love, I feel peace through my whole body.” I notice how the faces have softened in just a few hours. Gratitude envelopes the circle of not-so-long-ago strangers, and we speak of soulful things in whispery tones.


As the teacher I witness the most tender and vulnerable moments between partners. I lead and observe couples in simple but profound interactions of truth and transparency. I’m reminded how ready we all are to access another way of being, a slower reality, where the body leads and the mind becomes the observer.  So rich and rare are these times we feel delighted when they happen.  We relish this timeless and treasured space that feels so natural.


As I witness the locked engagement of couples (whether they have know each other for 30 minutes or 30 years) I realize the power we possess as humans to transform our reality one moment at a time. I am nourished  by what I experience–the natural sensuality, attention, and deep caring we long to share with each other.  Our communal joy is just waiting to surface, just longing to spring forth, just waiting for the slightest permission–and we’re there!


Rarely do we spend a whole evening together being instead of doing, showing up instead of showing off, connecting instead of performing.  The precious moments when we slow down to the Speed of Love, we once again remember who we are.  We remember our birthright as human beings.  We let our breath flow, our mind relax, and become aware of our shared Lived Body.

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