Born Again Sensualists

In my Female Erotic Massage class, I demonstrate sensual massage strokes on a live, naked woman model.  Students observe how I prepare a woman to feel safe so she can surrender while receiving, and techniques for whole body pleasuring–including massaging breasts, genitals and g-spot. Some students choose to practice the strokes on the model.  All learn a lost art when it comes to full body touch–the art of going nowhere (no agenda) slowly.

Class participants, often fidgety ‘strangers’ at first, soon meld into a single tribe of curious and inquisitive explorers. Amazingly, in just a few of hours, you can dissolve a lifetime of body silence and shame, and travel further toward ecstacy than most married couples do in decades, if ever.

I remember one class of sixteen men and women, ranging from in age from 27 to 77, created a space that felt  like a Cathedral of the Carnal and Sacred, an ancient Temple where the Holy Priestess would teach seekers the healing power of pleasure.  The room of respectful devotees felt like a church celebrating holes, holiness and wholeness.  With her naked body lying on the alter, our prayer was to make the angels jealous! 

Students shared their own stories, fears and vulnerability around the massage table.  One women showed us on the model, “I like my breast cupped and supported this way before the nipple is touched.” One man exclaimed, “Oh, I didn’t know the outer lips could be massaged like that.”  Another confessed, “I never thought about asking for permission before touching.  I’m glad you showed us various ways to language to ask.”

Students became teachers for each other. It felt like a new era had dawned, exchanging positive and accurate sex information between folks who practice it!  We go to school for everything else, and here we were students of ecstatic touch and pleasure!  How do we learn things?  By watching others, good teachers, and lots of mistakes!  What if we could exchange helpful hints about sex as easily as exchanging recipes or favorite restaurants?


At the closing circle, we stood in awe for where we had been and what we had shared. Our brave model/teacher had exposed a naked Divinity.  We believed more in ourselves and heavenly possibilities for our earthly bodies. In humble gratitude for accurate and positive sex information, we became Born Again Sensualists. 

5 thoughts on “Born Again Sensualists”

  1. Wow! I wish that I could have been there, but unfortunately, Massachusetts is a long way from Texas! I have always felt a strong spiritual connection with my love partners, but I am not certain that all of them (not that many, really) have sensed or shared this feeling. One told me that she had never had a “religious” experience in her vagina! But I did!

    Charla, thank you so much for sharing the work that you do; it gives me hope that we can ALL share in the sacredness that sex can bring into our lives. Keep up the good work.

    Warmest regards,


  2. I trained in body worker who has enjoyed many of your amazing books, unfortunately I am in NC/SC area, can you please recommend anybody like you or recommend in eastern US areas starting down from NY/NJ/PA/MD/VA/GA/FL towards NC/SC with similar classes.

    Thank you.


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