Female Orgasm and Ejaculation

Who would have imagined a shy girl from the midwest sponsoring a workshop on  female g-spot ejaculation?  Growing up in the 60‘s I was just discovering that women could have orgasms (forget what kind). The first time I ever heard the word clitoris I was in college (at which time I checked out ‘down there’ with a mirror just to make sure).  And now we’re not only supposed to be responsible for our own orgasms, we’re supposed to bring a towel.  What’s a shy girl to do?


Well, sexpert and female g-spot orgasm specialist, Deborah Sundahl, came to Austin and talked with us and showed a video clip on how women can expand their orgasmic potential.  She followed the fascinating co-ed lecture/discussion with an all women’s workshop.  Deborah, founder of On Our Backs, a women’s erotica magazine, author of Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, and an award-winning DVD producer, gave us accurate information and tangible images on what could happen ‘down there’ if we are willing to let go deeper and trust our bodies.

Anatomically women have a prostate gland, though more diffused than a man’s, and create a prostatic-like fluid. Given the right stimulation to her g-spot, the spongy, wrinkled area just inside the vagina on the top side, every woman can ejaculate.  A scentless, clear fluid builds during arousal in her prostate which surrounds the urethra, the ‘nectar’ then drips into dozens of tiny ducts into the urethra.

In my experience I’ve found that g-spot orgasms differ from clitoral orgasms which feel to me more hard hitting, intense, and quick–how I imagine a man’s orgasm to be.  When I’ve experienced g-spot orgasms (or combinations) they feel almost elusive, diffused, and my whole body undulates in waves a subtle pleasure that come and go over time.  Call this spiritual?  I seem to be deeply aware of life, freedom, death and beauty–all at once, of course!  I become immersed in the awe of life.

How does a woman achieve such bliss? Deborah’s offering a new telelclass series you can enjoy in your own home, check out www.isismedia.org   Instead of pulling in and tightening the pelvic floor muscles (with high pitched squeals), try pushing out during orgasm using your strong Kegel muscles, moaning deeply, and invoking the Earth Mother, ha!…a watery squirt or diffused seepage may result–with or without orgasm.

The biggest hinderance to women expanding their orgasmic potential is shutting down and stopping the ‘flow’ so to speak. Since the ejaculatory response feels similar to the urge to pee many women stop there and it’s easy to see why.  A women may feel shame for having ‘wet the bed’ at some point and vowed never to do it again.  It takes a lot of trust in herself and a partner to fully invite a deeper surrender and vulnerability.   Supported and encouraged by a right lover, a woman’s waters can be coaxed ‘to pool’ in a slow dance of seduction, support, and connection.

And men, we have nothing up on you.  You have as much potential for expanded orgasm as women do.  Your prostate is your g-spot and stimulation of it is your ticket to repeating, deeply moving and spiritual pulses of pleasure.  Having full body, multiple g-spot orgasms are well worth getting over any homophobic idea that anal eroticism is saved for a blessed few.

Thank you, Deborah Sundahl, for sharing with us accurate, positive information about our bodies. Women, let’s take the egg timer off our orgasms, stop being so tidy, and stop being so SHY.  Let’s explore our bodies, trust our rhythm, and enjoy our juices.

2 thoughts on “Female Orgasm and Ejaculation”

  1. Thanks for that description Charla, sounds like much enjoyment was had by all. I love the part about the male version and “geting over those homophobic fears”. As you know, our muual friend and Godess Jennifer (bless her) took me through the fear to the other side and …WOW. Perhaps a future class might teach our women how to help her man with that whole thing. I have to say as a man, asking an uninitiated woman to do that for me is…well, lets just say…. a bit intmidating. Hope you are at peace and happy. lotsa love from your “partner” ~art~

    1. Yes, Art I’ve taught classes on Male healing Erotic massage for women. There are sacred and holy experiences. I will do more. Anal talk may not be the easiest to start with. But the more transparent and communicative we become the easier it is. What about coming to the couples retreat? Got any one in mind

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