How to be Sexually Healthy

With all of our years of sexual innovation and acceptance, some people still find it hard to talk about sex and to live a sexually healthy lifestyle. While being sexually healthy may seem like I’m referring to practicing safe sex, avoiding unwanted pregnancy and making smart decisions, it’s actually that and so much more.

Living sexually healthy means you have a positive framework for the way you view sex. It is not burdened with guilt and or negativity. It also means taking responsibility for your body by getting yearly physicals, using contraceptives every time and knowing what you do and do not like. Sexual health also means taking responsibility for your partner’s health by making sure they are taking all of the necessary safety precautions, that you are treating them with respect and not pushing their limits. And finally, sexual health means not doing anything you aren’t comfortable with doing.

If you find that you aren’t living as sexually healthy as you possibly can, it’s never too late to turn it around. The first step you can take is to talk to your partner and as the adage always goes, if you aren’t comfortable with talking to them about sex, you probably shouldn’t be having sex with them.

Sit them down and talk about your concerns. It’s time to say something if you feel like they haven’t been respecting you, like you’re pushing the limits in a way you’re not comfortable with, or if you’ve been engaging in high risk behavior, like not using contraceptives. Lay the groundwork there.

If you feel like you don’t know what you like or want when it comes to sex, then it’s time to explore with yourself and with your partner. Take your sexuality into your own hands and see what turns you on. Watch how your body reacts and then show your partner how to achieve the same response.  You’ll find that trying new things with them will make you feel closer to them and open you mind to other new ideas. You might feel vulnerable at first, but will grow more confident in yourself as you try more things.

Head to the doctor if you’ve fallen a little behind on your body’s sexual health. Get tested and checked out. There might be a few things you don’t want to hear, but avoiding them doesn’t make it go away. Plus, when you stop taking care of yourself, you put others into danger. Make this one a priority if it has slipped through the cracks and give yourself some peace of mind.

Finally, you should consider seeing someone if you have been dealing with any feelings of negativity or guilt. Sex should not be something that makes you feel bad about yourself or anyone else.

Being sexually healthy is something we have to work at every day. Sometimes we make bad decisions, some times we let ourselves go. If you feel like you’ve been moving in the wrong direction, simply turn around. It’s never too late to get back on track.

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