Symphony of Touch Tantra Puja

Feb 23, Sat 7-9 pm, for participants in A Concrete Utopia workshop w/ Kelly Bryson

Enjoy an evening of adult play with intimacy coach, Charla Hathaway, as she leads you in simple, joyful encounters that feel safe and inviting. Her guided activities are sensual, not sexual, and inspire your natural attention, curiosity, and spontaneity to play with others.  Invite your inner child to come out, open your senses, nourish your soul, and connect with others in heartfelt ways.

Pujas come from a timeless tradition where celebrants are encouraged to see past the personal and into the Divine. Sensual encounters spark your innate ability to enjoy the moment, experience your body as sacred, and be true to yourself while interacting with others.

Charla weaves a sacred place where you practice staying present with yourself while interacting with others.  You learn to stay true to whatever feelings come up. Connect with others in new ways supported by a nurturing setting.  Wear loose and comfortable clothing that express your love for life and sensuality. This ritual space will open mind and soften your heart.

Charla Hathaway, CBS, ACS, certified Tantra educator, intimacy coach, and best-selling author of 8 Erotic Nights and Erotic Massage, helps people learn new ways to touch, talk and play that feel safe and nurturing. Sign up for her free monthly BodyJoy intimacy tips, erotic news and classes at

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