Self Pleasure Practice.

Let’s not down play or ignore the great benefits of self pleasure. Most of us “jerk off” or feverishly “rub one” out without giving it much thought…

But darling… it is and can be SO much more!

Learn how you too can shift your own patterned self pleasure go-to from predictable and ordinary to extraordinary and divine. Did you know that self pleasure (masturbation) helps us create new neural pathways to our natural pleasure bodies by putting our body into extended period of enjoyment? Doing so helps hardwiring a positive state of wellbeing and create more pleasure pathways and new responses such as:

-Learning to orgasm more powerfully, and in a variety of new ways
-Lasting longer during partnered intimacy ā€“ Extended arousal vs Brief and unfulfilled
-Having more choice and control over ejaculation (for men)
-Having more sensitivity in your entire body – Learning to be more “embodied” and in the moment
-Re Sensitizing the body and genitals more fully
-Greater, more fulfilling connection to yourself and your body

This is a delicious act of rebellion!

Think of this mindfulness practice (Orgasmic Yoga) as important as exercise, your daily yoga routine, meditation or eating nutrient dense foods. Mindful Masturbation / Orgasmic Yoga is a powerful tool that can benefit not only your own capacity for pleasure but also greatly enhance your partnered sex.
Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins are the quartet of chemicals responsible for our happiness. Many situations can trigger these neurotransmitters, but instead of being in the passive passenger seat for these to arrive, there are ways we can intentionally create them to flow through mindful pleasure practices. 


Orgasmic Yoga is a solo communal erotic practice typically done much like a Yoga class. Since we are doing virtual, you will not see/hear anyone online except for me (melissa) but you will get the benefit of the teaching in your own home and space.

This webinar will be offered for Masturbation May! (yes.. it’s a real thing)) and it is FREE! Join us for a series of classes anyone and everyone can do this from the comforts of home, privately and anonymously!

You will learn the science about self touch and learn new neural pathways that will not only boost happy chemicals in the brain, but will greatly enhance your capacity for ecstatic states.

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You’ll love your home work!

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Each week, we will begin the webinar with a short lesson and an outline of our practice… kinda like a Yoga Class šŸ˜‰ but saucier.

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