Attend The Invitation to Intimacy Course Live from your room!

Are you and your partner ready for a sweet way to spend time in? 

How would like to take this opportunity for some erotic adventuring professional and compassionate guidance?  After many requests, I am offering an at home course in intimacy LIVE as tho we are in the same room.  Discover new silky, soft parts of yourself that have been waiting for this moment.  I will guide you into more authentic and luscious sharing, right in your cozy and comfortable bedroom.
My online course, Invitation to Intimacy, offers series of sensual encounters, where you get to know your partner and fall in love all over again, whether you’ve been together 10 months, 10 years, or 50!  Dr. Charla has taught it for years and loves the focus, honesty, and vulnerability it brings couples.
What better time to give yourself a little nudge towards new found pleasure and connection.  I’m right there with you with step by step, and breath by breath guidance through each juicy, and enlightening activity.  Use this special at-home time to take your loving to the next level.
You may take the prerecorded version and schedule the course at your leisure for 7 days or 7 weeks!  More details andLink here

Or, join me, Melissa, and other couples LIVE via Zoom For 7 consecutive hot nights in a row, April 13-19, or May 4-10th 6:30-8:30 pm, PST
Learn along side other couples from across the world (!) who are, like you, excited to take their intimacy to the next level!  I will lead a small group of couples in real time, live through every exercise.  Enjoy the privacy of your own room while doing the exercise and come back to the group for expertly lead group shares, if you elect.  I am adept in leading this confidential group as if I’m in the room with you (and your faces do not have to show.) 
My group facilitation helps you learn in a respectful, conscious way.  As your instructor and muse, I will be guiding, encouraging and answering all of your questions as you learn and have fun together.  With the power of a small group of curious explorers, we will move through the nightly lesson plan in real time (you may elect to turn your video off or on for any exercise.)
Each night at 6:30 pm PST, we will do an opening ritual, practice several lessons in erotic communication and touching techniques. In addition to the evening lessons, there will be time for your questions, group reflection and support. It’s magic!  It’s edgy, I know, but think about the lasting benefits you will get by connecting with, hearing and communicating with other couples! Like you, they too want more connection, more joy and even better sex in their relationships! 

There will be a limit of 12 couples for this Invitation to Intimacy Live! Will you be joining us on this hot little adventure? I hope so!

ENROLL in LIVE course here

Details of Live – 7 Night Course


MONDAY April 13th, 6:30pm PST 8:30CT (mark your calendar)

OR Monday May 4th-10th, 6:30pm PST 8:30CT (mark your calendar)

Where: In the comforts of your home-On your own computer via a Zoom Live Video

Investment: For as little as $50. a night, you get to join this LIVE 7 night course! What a special date! 

$350. for 7 consecutive nights

LIVE- in real time w/ your instructor and muse, Melissa. Each night will be about 2 hours of fun and exploration! *Live course will be recorded (Melissa’s cam only) incase you miss any of the live classes. 

SOLD OUT : ENROLL IN LIVE COURSE beginning Monday April 13th HERE

$350 for couples

ENROLL IN LIVE COURSE beginning Monday May 5th HERE

$350 for couples

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