Sensual Booty & @nal Massage Class

Sensual Booty Massage & Erotic Play

Live Demo & Class with Melissa D.

Saturday, April 9th, 1pm-3pm 2022 in a private SW Austin studio

Ah yes… The power of a luscious sacred root / Booty massage!

Join Melissa D in a relaxed studio to learn all the skills of an exquisite booty massage & erotic play. Fee more confident in exploring and pleasuring your partner, understand simple yet powerful techniques that relax and enliven your partner’s booty regardless of their gender or experience. By attending this class, you too will learn ways to avoid pain and discomfort as well as important protocols that make for great safer booty play! Melissa will be teaching techniques for pleasurable prostate play and Gspot exploration in the Live demo.

This class is meant to be attended by pairs only. Attendees may choose to attend the lesson and live demo portion with the option to practice in their own private area in the studio.

Tickets are $180. Per couple. Price includes all supplies needed if you choose to practice with your partner. Message [email protected] for more info, tickets and registration

2 thoughts on “Sensual Booty & @nal Massage Class”

    1. We will be doing this again! and for the future… yes! You can attend as a single person but may need to bring someone if you want to practice the hands on techniques taught.

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