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  How to Get and Give the Touch you Want with sexual empowerment coach Charla Hathaway Workshop for couples and singles, Central Austin, $55/person/or bring a friend $50/each Next Date:  TBA How Many? Single $55.00 USDPair $100.00 USD   The 3 Minute Game provides structure for you to tune into your body, your desires, ask

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Shades of Love

April 7, Sunday 6-8 pm, Forbidden Fruit Negotiating Power Exchanges with erotic educator Charla Hathaway from Fine tune your capacity to add new excitement, depth, and creativity to your sensual encounters. Discover how to introduce new sensation play and pleasure in a relaxed, safe, yet exciting setting. Relish a fuller expression of your sexuality

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Pleasure Postures

Nov 11, Sunday 6-8 pm, Forbidden Fruit Orchestrate your lovemaking by moving from position 1, 2, and 3–to maybe 4, and build the excitement by hitting the different hot spots and rhythmically moving your bodies to new tempos.  Maestro Charla will show you how to take the ‘practice of pleasure’ to new heights by seamlessly

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