The Practice with Melissa D

Be Guided, to know yourself.

The Practice w/ Melissa D is a deep dive into yourself and your relationship to your body.  The Practice is done LIVE over zoom with other students where you weave together the magic of heart, g3nitals, and mindfulness for a new ride into sustained arousal states.  Build your self-touch, intimacy skills in this online class and feel supported, not only by the teacher, but by a community of seeking, growing sensualists like yourself. 

Expertly guided by Melissa D, The Practice is taught in a mindful and respectful way, allowing you to privately explore the exercises with your camera off, and then share with the group with your camera on after (and before) each exercise.

Get your ticket here:

Join us most Saturdays at 5-6 PST  / 7-8 CT $25 per screen

for an evening of exploration and expansion beyond your normal Go-Tos in self touch. 

March 20th- Instruction for Female / Vulva only

March 27- Instruction for Men / Cocks only

April 3rd – Instruction for any gender / CoEd

April 10th- Instruction for Female / Vulva only

17th- Instruction for Men / Cocks only

24th Melissa’s Birthday Party! All genders welcome. co lead by a few special guests.

All who join The April 24th class only, are joining with Cameras are on during the whole class!

Bring your curiosity…

Bring your nervousness…

Bring your full self…

Melissa will start the class off by giving a short lesson to inspire different aspects of this work. We will flow right into The Virtual Practice with camera’s off

Prior to the class, here are tips on how to best prepare

1) Setting up your space: 

2) Elements of The Practice: 

Your Privacy: Attendees are welcome to join with cameras on ((at first)) but will be asked to switch them off once the self touch guided portion of the class begins. 

You’ll receive the zoom link 30 min before class- You are able to arrive 10 min prior to class starting. 

If you’d like to explore what a 1:1 session may look like, contact [email protected] for dates/times/pricing

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