Tribal Living & why we f*ck w/ Stephanie Welch: After Office Hours

Join Melissa Davison, Somatic Sex Educator & Provocateur of Body Joy Intimacy School (Austin, TX & Northern CA) talk sex with Special Guest Stephanie Welch talking about why we f*ck & The Importance of Tribal based community! About: Why do humans lose interest after certain levels of intimacy? What’s up with the game of the chase and how do we co creating lasting relationships in this modern world? Stephanie Welch is a disruptive anthropologist, ancestral health advocate, and pioneer of Evolutionary Feminism. Since 2010, she has applied an evolutionary lens to examine and challenge many commonly held beliefs and taboos that prevent us from attaining our full human potential. Her relentless study and experiential research asserts that human flourishing depends on reducing the mismatches between the environments and behaviors that our genetic programming expects and those which our modern civilization actually provides. Subscribe here to Body Joy Intimacy School and see this video and more at and follow us on our social!

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