Why we never ask Permission w/ Betty Martin: After Office Hours

Join Melissa Davison, Somatic Sex Educator & Provocateur of Body Joy Intimacy School (Austin, TX & Northern CA) talk sex with Special Guest Betty Martin as we discuss “Consent and Crossing Boundaries”.

Dr. Betty Martin, a Chiropractor, a Body Electric School trained Sacred Intimate, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Foundations of Facilitation trainer, and a self-propelled erotic adventurer and intimacy coach.Every one of these and more has contributed to my understanding of the nature of touch.I’m one of those lucky people who grew up in the touch-y feel-y hippie years. Then I got serious and went to Chiropractic school and learned to touch with some clear intent.That makes about 30 years as a hands-on professional, first in therapeutics – Chiropractic, Somato-Respiratory Integration, Educational Kinesiology, Reiki, Neuro-Emotional Integration – and later in body-based erotic education, including sensual massage, Taoist Erotic Massage, Kashmiri tantric massage and Sexological Bodywork.I’ve taught peer counseling, gender liberation, embodiment and empowerment, fantasy play, goddess awakening and erotic massage. I’ve played with contact improv dance, Authentic Movement, Non-Violent Communication and Shaivic tantra. I am a student of The Work of Byron Katie. I am a Board member and train and certify new facilitators for a touch and communication workshop called Cuddle Party. https://bettymartin.org/https://schoolofconsent.org/http://www.cuddleseattle.com/ You can subscribe to Body Joy Intimacy School here on YouTube. Follow us on our social https://linktr.ee/bodyjoytv!

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Links mentioned in Video: Disrupting the Bystander: when #metoo happens among friends, by AV Flox ritual-play.com, with Marina Kronqvist wheelofconsentbook.com bettymartin.org schoolofconsent.org

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