Charla Hathaway

Born Again Sensualists

In my Female Erotic Massage class, I demonstrate sensual massage strokes on a live, naked woman model.  Students observe how I prepare a woman to feel safe so she can surrender while receiving, and techniques for whole body pleasuring–including massaging breasts, genitals and g-spot. Some students choose to practice the strokes on the model.  All learn […]

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A Bonobo Moment

I just spent time watching our closest ape relatives, the Bonobos, at the San Diego Zoo. Just a couple of feet from me behind the glass, an adolescent Bonobo sat with his legs spread open, scooping warm sand and pouring it over his erect penis–then he’d stand up, shake off, sit back down and do it

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My big O Birthday

On the eve of celebrating a birthday, one easily becomes introspective and even a little somber.  Birthdays, especially the decade ones, are milestones to measure how we are moving away or towards our life’s purpose. I’ve noticed how my work in Sacred embodiment has changed my body in a short five years.  I feel heightened

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