Attend The Invitation to Intimacy Course Live from your room!

Are you and your partner ready for a sweet way to spend time in?  How would like to take this opportunity for some erotic adventuring professional and compassionate guidance?  After many requests, I am offering an at home course in intimacy LIVE as tho we are in the same room.  Discover new silky, soft parts …

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I Like How Much You Enjoy My Touch

I asked a male companion what he liked best about me after we’d spent a few days together. It was kinda a dare, but I was in the mood to hear something good about myself. He answered easily, ”You seem to really enjoy being touched.” And he added a second ‘liking’ without me prompting, “And you seem to enjoy touching me.”

Basic Sexual Rights of Adults

When I was at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, I read the following ten basic sexual rights for adults, like a Bill of Rights about being a sexual being. Imagine a world where such basic rights were articulated, understood and upheld. Basic Sexual Rights of Adults [PDF]  

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